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A podcast for people raising Tricky Kids

Is your household a dumpster fire?

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Do you feel alone, unable to tell anybody what’s going on?

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Stefanie is an actress, marketer, sales consultant, and a storyteller. She has been married to Casey Phariss for 19 years and together they have three boys.

For the last 7 years, Stefanie has worked tirelessly to uncover tools and strategies to help her tricky kids. She loves to spend time with her kids, but has also spent many an hour on the floor overwhelmed about what to do next to help them.

Where the F is My Village was born out of a desire to help other parents feel less alone, to build a community, and hopefully help and inspire parents of tricky kids.

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I started this podcast because raising tricky kids is isolating. There can be shame in struggling with parenting. That shame is completely unfair, but it’s real. I enjoy social media a lot, but we all know that most posts are people’s highlight reels and the hard stuff doesn’t get shared enough. When everyone’s lives seem perfect the shame and isolation gets even harder.

I’ve been intentional about sharing our struggle for a couple reasons: 1) Anything else felt like lying and 2)I know I’m not the only one going through this!

My posts have rarely gotten many comments, because commenting publicly can be really uncomfortable. I’ve kept posting though because I often get DMs, texts, or emails with questions or comments. My posts were resonating and people were feeling less alone. 

My hope is this podcast will reach even more people and we can build our own village of support.



We have spent hours researching how to help our children. Below are a few of the resources that have helped us over the years. 

Stefanie's Son - Diffucult Kids Podcast

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