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We started this podcast before we’d actually met each other. We knew each other on Facebook, but that was it.

Stefanie reached out to Shelley about a friend who had a tough situation with a local school district, and while we were helping her, we both shared our frustrations about how often we each heard from parents dealing with tricky kids – children with neurodiversity, disabilities, trauma, or walking through the world as a black kid or LGBTQ – who were afraid to say anything publicly about their situation and were desperate for help and a village. 

Since we know there are many more parents and caregivers out there suffering alone, we launched this podcast. We are going to be frighteningly real about our struggles and how we have dealt with them. We will tell you about the nights we’ve cried ourselves to sleep, or cried in an IEP meeting, or cried while tracking down a runaway kid or on our way to the psych hospital. 

And since we’ve become a sort of armchair expert in our kids, maybe something we say will help you and your family. 

Oh, and lastly, we will be laughing a lot and, if you’re not clutching your pearls, you will be laughing too. (Pearl clutchers this may not be the parenting podcast for you. You’ve been warned.)

We hope you’ll listen.

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Meet Shelley

Shelley Cadamy is the foster/adoptive parent of three beautiful humans and the guardian of her fabulous skeleton- and unicorn-loving granddaughter. She has married her husband twice, because he’s that nice. 

For 14 years she has been reminded daily that the world does not fit her kids, talking and writing about that to anyone who will listen, and hopes that Where the F Is My Village will build awareness with “regular” people and hopefully change the world a bit before she dies.

She is a reformed economic developer and currently leads Cadamy Business Consulting, working with leaders to take their organizations forward.  She enjoys difficult things and getting into the weeds and muck of the hard work to get those things done.

She has won multiple awards for her community and professional work, including the Angels in Adoption award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI), the Journal Record Women of Distinction Award, and the YWCA Tulsa Woman of the Year award. 

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Meet Stefanie

Stefanie is an actress, marketer, sales consultant, and a storyteller. She has been married to Casey Phariss for 19 years and together they have three boys.

For the last 7 years, Stefanie has worked tirelessly to uncover tools and strategies to help her tricky kids. She loves to spend time with her kids, but has also spent many an hour on the floor sobbing over what to do next to help them.

Where the F is My Village was born out of a desire to help other parents feel less alone, to build a community, and hopefully help and inspire parents of tricky kids.

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We have spent hours researching how to help our children. Below are a few of the resources that have helped us over the years. 

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